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Be-Friend Your Mind


One of the greatest achievements that you can reach in this life is to become your BEST SELF! It gives you happiness, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. Can you reach that? Yes you can! First, you need to let go of everything that is not serving you, your biggest obstacle, your old mindset. Then embrace a new and powerful mindset that opens new doors for you. Be-Friend Your Mind program will help you identify your old mindset, teach you how to change it and create your new mindset that will open the doors to endless possibilities, huge opportunities and help you become your best self.

become a coach

Become an Executive & Life Coach


Because a strong learning foundation is the ladder to ensure a future successful coach we have developed this detailed intensive program for you to boost your practical skills and be fully prepared to stay ahead in the market. This program backed up with the ICF worldwide accredited certification guaranteed all our alumni a solid coaching career. The Essential Coach Training Program is a 12 months training course that covers foundational coaching skills that can be used and adapted to work with a variety of clients, in a variety of settings covering a variety of coaching skills. The training program is great for those who do not know what niche area of coaching they may be interested in, as well as for those interested in executive or business coaching. Our coaches are the reason for our success and continuity.

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Free Coach Support!


You don’t have to go on this journey alone. It’s better if we travel together! It will help you stay motivated and reach further. And this is “Coaching In Lebanon” community is here! It’s a group of certified coaches like you with many potential clients too. It’s the one community that you need in order to start networking and get the support and opportunities you need for your coaching business!


Free Phone Call


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Grow Your Coaching Business


Are you trying to start or already started your own coaching business but you’re facing many unexpected challenges? You don’t know how or where to find your clients? You want a stable and growing business? Then this program is for you! I will equip you with all the necessary tools, help you adopt the right business mindset and teach you practical strategies that will help you start and grow the coaching business and live an abundant life while changing the lives of others at the same time!

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In a Coach Approach


Why this Workshop? Because in this era communication and relationships are mostly based on a screen, whether it is by WhatsApp, messages or emails, relationships have become challenging.

And because we believe that coaching should no longer be an external strategy but should rather be something that stems from the inside. We decided to design a workshop because we want to let coaching as competency infiltrate into every home, relationship and organization.

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Life By Design


If you are not satisfied with your life right now and you feel like you want a REAL change, then let me tell you about my special program. I created “Life By Design” to give you what you really need, a new design. In these 18 weeks, I will empower and show you exactly how you can create and live a life of balance, joy, success, prosperity and peace. Your new life design is waiting for you!


Masterful Coaches


Coaching is such an evolving profession! If you want to be a successful coach, and if you want to have a great impact on your clients, you have to keep learning. You have to keep growing. And that’s the common myth that tends to go around in the coaching industry. That if you’ve got a certification, if you got a couple of trainings, you’re done, you’re ready. Now you can be a coach for life, but that’s just not how it works. You have to keep on evolving too.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, then this is your place to be.

But first things first. Click on the Coaching Level Assessment to know where to start with this program.

Supervision Session


$250 per Session


‘Supervision sessions are a place for the coach to reflect on the work they are undertaking, with another more experienced coach. It has the dual purpose of supporting the continued learning and development of the coach, as well as giving a degree of protection to the person being coached’ (Bluckert 2004).

Coaching supervision offers coaches an opportunity to access continuous professional development through reflection and dialogue in a safe, supportive and confidential space.

Coaching Supervision also provides support for the coach in terms of them feeling resourced, supported and nurtured.

ICF recommends coaching supervision as a useful form of continuous professional development for coaches and is committed to conducting further research into its efficacy as it continues to build a sizeable body of work on evidenced based approaches that are in service of the best coaching possible.

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VIP Coaching Day

$4,000.00 $2,000.00

$4000 paid in two installments: 2,000$ down payment and the remaining before the delivery day.

This day will completely revamp coaching business model! At the end of the “VIP Coaching Day”, you will have a coaching business that is ready to sign the highest paying clients along with a practical business growth strategy that will change everything in your business.

Split Payment

Your 1-on-1 Coaching Experience

$6,000.00 $3,000.00

6,000$  – Pay your first 3 months 3,000$ and pay the remaining later.

Powerful and life changing coaching experience that will create a deep change and growth in all areas of your life. Join this unique 6-month (or more) coaching engagement and be ready to experience higher level of success.